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Definite App

UX/UI Design, page layout, branding, research


UX/UI Design



4 Weeks


Definite is an app for a pregnancy tests to give precise results and to avoid misleading answers  for the better or worse. The app is targeted to individuals that might be conceiving or want to have a clear answer for their partners or themselves. Users can download the app to their smartphone and enter information about their menstrual cycles, the last time they had unprotected sex, and their symptoms, track their pregnancy, and a window for resources. There is a step to step on how to use the the pregnancy test to avoid any mistakes.


The branding for Definite App is friendly and easy to navigate. I wanted to make the app easy to understand and be able to follow steps. The colors represent inclusiveness and friendliness. Anyone can download and use this app to activate their pregnancy test, track their menstrual cycle, track their baby's growth. The font is Obviously Variable, a san serif with various weights to keep familiarly and consistency. The icons match the typeface with the round and straight lines. I wanted to keep everything simple and easy to understand.

Personas Definite App.png
rough wireframes(1).jpg
Final design + Prototype/

The goal for the prototype is to have an easy user experience that can navigate

and find their desired place to spend their evening indoors or outdoors with friends.

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