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Promoting Fair Trade & Heirloom



4 Weeks


typography,  branding, packaging, page layout


Quilla is a homemade chocolate brand made with artisanal flavors from the southern regions of Guayas, Ecuador. The mission is to care for the farmland and ensure workers are treated fairly. Quilla’s goal is to teach everyone to live in a sustainable and green world and teach our generations the influential women who have passed down their knowledge of hard work, wisdom, and traditions, and to stand up for what is right. Quilla is for those who desire to be part of a sustainable world and have a forward-thinking. 


Quilla is a brand focused on promoting fair trade and organic handmade design.

The logotype was inspired by the form of chocolate, bold, and asymmetric to show contrast and the richness of cacao. The portraits represent women who have made

a big impact in Ecuador. The patterns demonstrate the culture, aroma, and taste.

The macanas stars represent a sustainability battle. The color palette is mostly neutral to show the colors of cacao, the land, and nature, and the accent colors were chosen to honor our flag. The packaging is 100% recyclable and consuming it shows the simplicity of protecting and being part of a change.

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