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Lalique Hôtel

hospitality branding & packaging


Hotel Branding



4 Weeks


Located in Polanco, considered the Beverly Hills of Mexico City, Lalique infuses Art Deco and modern art into the architecture and every aspect of its interior design. Inspired by the second Mexican empire of the 19th century, business travelers will enter a sublime space of peace and relaxation amidst the hustle and bustle of the big city without giving up any of the luxuries of modern living.


As a hotel dedicated to luxury and relaxation, every detail from the color palette to the typeface is carefully chosen to combine the aesthetics of royal decoration and modern design. The Space Blue color was selected to represent a bold character and trust to guests balancing it with Pearl White to show elegance. Gold is the accent to ensure wealth. The primary typeface is Bodoni 72 a high contrast serif used to emphasize the rational thinking of forward thinking and bringing nostalgia from past to present. Julius Sans One is a san-serif typeface, creating a modern feel and clean look to Lalique. The amazing work of Rene Lalique and French culture inspired the patterns.

inpiration- Final.jpg


The packaging for Lalique Hotel Brand was created to have refillable and sustainable toiletries for each room. The bottles are made from recycled plastic and all of our paper products, including our toilet tissues are made from bamboo to help the environment. The design on the bottles is simple with an accent of gold to evoke cleanness and elegance.

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