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Lengua Visual

typography,  branding, packaging, experiential


World Design Capital


4 Weeks


San Diego and Tijuana were selected to host this event in 2024. This year’s theme is human-centered design; both cities embrace the community that neighboring cities bring to each other. This event is to celebrate our unique culture and traditions. Starting from gastronomy, architecture, language, innovation, fashion design, and more. Lengua Visual is a concept project that helps people communicate across borders with a set of stamps and postcards. Our city is built of many languages and cultures. In this case, this project is built around the Mixtec community that migrated from the south of Mexico and settled in Tijuana and San Diego for a better future. Lengua Visual will help those individuals who want to send a love letter or say something nice to a stranger through visual communication.


Lengua Visual consists of seven universal stamps representing a place, action, or gesture. The symbols come from historical and modern icons to represent the native people from Mexico, in this case, Oaxaca. The postcards are hand-drawn and include native plants and landscapes from San Diego and Tijuana to combine both places. The color palette is vibrant and welcoming to show inclusion from both cultures across the borders. The packaging is recyclable, and the bags are reusable.
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